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Michael Sturtz has worked with business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovation hubs, maker spaces, governments, and art schools to ignite revolutions in organizational development, innovation, and creative empowerment across the globe.

Michael found early success as a sculptor and instructor, and led the now-global Maker Movement as founder of his own industrial arts educational facility. After 12 years of leadership there, he moved to program development, prototyping, and, finally, moonshot investigation. Today, he empowers others to take on “impossible challenges” and evolve beyond their wildest dreams.

Michael’s out-of-the-box thinking strategies dissolve barriers, deconstruct conventions, and give flight to unexpected and seemingly magical transformations. Clients combine consulting with his keynote addresses and workshops to spark creativity, inspire innovation, and transform audiences, communities, and the world.

Organizations with which Michael has functioned as lead consultant:

To inquire about consultation and rates for your organization, contact Michael here.