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Part of Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit involves sharing his versatile background and empowering others to succeed in building community-based organizations. As an accomplished professional teacher, facilitator, and founder, Michael has ample experience with organizational development, building programs, event production, fundraising, marketing, brand development, facility design and user-experience design.


msturtzHere are some of the organizations with which Michael has functioned as lead consultant:


“In the process of founding and establishing our arts charity, Project Knew Groove, Micheal Sturtz was very helpful in imparting to us the necessary knowledge and understanding of how to run a 501(c)3 non profit. In our initial phase, members from the community gathered with a common goal and idea.  Soon after our founding we ran into many questions and problems with managing the organization and moving forward. After a few meetings with Micheal, including a visit from him to our studio, we came to realize what our responsibilities were as Directors and Officers to the Board as well as gained a clear vision as to how we should structure our programming and procedures. Micheal’s help was essential for us to continue developing into a true community service for the San Mateo Coastside.” – Bryan Richer, Executive Director Project Knew Groove


To inquire about consultation and rates for your organization, contact Michael here.