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Die Moto is the world’s first biodiesel land speed motorcycle. It was built in 2006, by Michael and The Diesel Dozen, a team of artists, builders, engineers and gearheads who shared the common goal of constructing a biodiesel bike that could beat the existing diesel motorcycle world land speed record of 105 mph. A feat of engineering, Die Moto combines a BMW chassis with a car engine and a hand-tooled retro fairing. Michael and the team worked for nearly a year, overcoming the myriad engineering challenges as well as garnering extensive sponsorship and media interest.

On September 3, 2007 Michael rode Die Moto at the Bonneville Salt Flats, breaking the world land speed record using 100% biodiesel.

The world land speed record remains unbroken. Of equal significance, the team did an amazing job raising awareness for alternative fuels, by making biodiesel sexy and desirable to the race fans and gearheads who flock to land speed events.


die moto run

Since then, Die Moto has made appearances at a number of biodiesel events. Check out Die Moto videos here!



Diesel Moto Creativity Driven • Bio-Fueled from Michael Sturtz on Vimeo.