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Michael Sturtz: International Speaker, Founder, Creative Provocateur

There aren’t too many people walking this earth that could get away with calling themselves Creative Provocateurs, but Michael Sturtz is undoubtedly one of them. The list of achievements he has racked up over the past 25-odd years is beyond impressive, as these have been achieved in the unbroken ground beyond the known frontier of innovation across a number of fields of endeavor, and artistic disciplines.”
– Tuia Group, Wellington, NZ

Since 1992, Michael Sturtz has electrified podiums, panels, and stages worldwide, inspiring audiences and organizations to embrace “impossible challenges,” ignite creativity—and never take no for an answer when chasing dreams.

Michael’s presentations speak to artists, creative professionals, innovators, and laypeople, as well as leaders in business, education, science, community service, and government. Choose or customize from a range of topics, including “If Everyone Thinks You’re Crazy, You Might be onto Something,” “Building a Creative Nexus: Designing Space for Creativity, Innovation and Collaboration,” “Foresight into the Future Using Design Thinking,” and more.

Click here for descriptions of Michael’s speaking topics.

Redefining Public Engagement: Keynote Consulting

Michael is currently transforming traditional concepts of the keynote address with a cutting-edge, top-level experience that delivers both lasting and far-reaching results: Keynote consulting. This one-of-a-kind keynote approach offers a deeper level of engagement, including customized keynotes, pre- and post-keynote consulting, and follow up.

The Process: Engagements begin with understanding a conference’s message, goals, and aspirations—but that’s where the similarity to a traditional keynote experience ends. Building on his years as a consultant and innovator in multiple fields, Michael brings his unique perspective to help clients deliver an impactful experience with lasting effects in their communities.

Prior to your event, Michael spends one to three days meeting with your team to research your current challenges, aspirations, and community. He identifies ways to move your goals forward and brings to light potential resources, collaborators, sponsors, and funders of your vision.

Next, he engages your team in even deeper creative ideation, and finally crafts a custom keynote to propel unstoppable momentum for your event. Not satisfied until he’s sure your goals are surpassed, Michael wraps up with post-conference action items and a follow-up consultation.

Enrich Your Experience: The keynote consulting approach helps clients more deeply initiate creativity, innovation, and transformation in audiences, their organizations, communities, and the world. Harness the same limitless potential for your organization and book Michael for your conference today.