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Michael’s pieces address concept and form through the visualization of fused biological and mechanical elements. His sculptures are hybrids of disparate materials and immersive environments coming together to radiate destructive and re-constructive energy.   

His art showcases a compelling juxtaposition between materials and modalities, including metals and glass, stone and kinetics, fire and liquid, 3D objects and video. By contrasting natural functions with industrial and technological processes, Michael has formed a dynamic body of work that explores the exponential evolution of medium and concept. After a twelve year hiatus to build The Crucible, Michael is returning to sculpture with a renewed vision for future creations.   

To commission Michael for a sculpture, contact him here.  

Click on the 3 images below to see the different sculpture collections.


Current Work   After Remains and Artifacts, Michael began creating sculpture with a more intimate message and meaning. Now comfortable building in a wide range of materials, he carefully crafted the medium and emotion of each piece from a deeply personal viewpoint. Clearly evident is his fascination with medicine and the mechanics of the human body, and the intersection of biological anatomy with machines. Kinetics, functionality, and contrast are intrinsic in the design and experience of each piece.


Remains & Artifacts   This exhibit was designed to display artifacts from our civilization, as discovered by anthropologists of the distant future. The introduction to the exhibit read: “Here you will find the rarest and most valuable remnants this third planet, one of nine, in a small, insignificant solar system in the unexplored western end of the galaxy. This desolate planet is unique because it was once believed to have supported such abundant life that its large bodies of water reflected a bright  blue aura. As hypothesized by our archaeologists, the creatures that once inhabited this world transformed its atmosphere by constantly polluting and destroying the natural working order of the planet.  The dull yellow land mass and pale reddish-black gaseous clouds are a clear indication that the planet’s atmosphere burned off, ending the life of the planet as well as its inhabitants.  The reasons for this self-destructive transformation are as mysterious as the strange objects and skeletal remains that have been excavated.”


Early Work   Michael’s early work was deeply inspired by the materials: primarily ceramic, cast bronze, stone, and metal. He was fascinated by the way that each material could be crafted into an object of beauty, and how materials could be combined to create contrast in his work. In building these works he developed his skills and confidence as a sculptor, and laid the technical foundation for his future work while developing his voice as an artist.