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Founded by Michael Sturtz

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In 1997, Michael brought together a small collection of artists in hopes of building a supportive community-based school.  With a grant for $1,750 and $20,000 personal investment loan,  The Crucible doors opened on January 15th, 1999.  By March, The Crucible began its first session of eleven classes, six of which were taught by Michael himself. Under Michael’s leadership and with the generous support of donors, foundations, volunteers, and members, The Crucible has thrived and grown to become the largest nonprofit industrial arts education facility in the United States. After twelve years as The Crucible’s founder and executive director, Michael moved on in search of new creative challenges and opportunities. Pioneering such a highly successful arts education nonprofit facilitated his growth as a designer, leader, administrator, manager and innovator. He is very grateful for all the amazing experiences, skills and knowledge that he gained during his tenure at The Crucible.  He will be forever indebted to the staff, faculty and volunteers for their hard work, tireless dedication and belief in an incredible idea that has become a reality.