Production Experience - MICHAEL STURTZ
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Production Experience

 Production Experience (Open Flame Operation)

Michael has vast experience producing large-scale public Open Flame Fire events that spans over 22 years in a number of cities throughout the Bay Area. Over this time, he has made positive and supportive relationships will numerous fire departments, including and not limited to Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, San Mateo, San Francisco and the Presidio fire departments. Michael has  successfully pulled more than 80 open flame and propane use permits from these fire departments and all have gone off without injury or incident.

Fire Arts Festival (Annually in July 1999 – 2009)
5000-7000 guests and over 300 fire artists and fire performers
Three night festival that celebrates creativity through fire and light, with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, live music, stage performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast

Anniversary Fire Operas & Fire Ballets (Annually in January 2003 – 2010)
3000-5000 guests typically and over 100 fire artists and fire performers
8 nights of theatrical performance

Crucible Family open houses (Twice annually 1999 – 2010)
500-1000 guests typically and more than 20 fire artists and performers
Open flame and hot works demonstrations, interactive exhibits, art shows and family activities

Broadway on Fire, 2007 held on Broadway & Lyon in Pacific Heights, San Francisco
Hosts: Ann Getty, Pasha & Laney Thornton, Robert Malier-Anderson, & Nicola Miner.
300 guests and more than 40 fire artists and fire performers
Invite-only street event at Broadway & Lyon in Pacific Heights. Daytime family and children’s activities followed by night time dinner and performance

Anniversary Party, 2008 hosted by Roger McNamee at The Great American Music Hall
400 guests and more than 30 fire artists and fire performers
Outdoor fire sculptures and stage fire performances

Installation at The Maker Faire (Annually 2006 – 2010)
More than 10,000 guests and more than 60 fire artists and fire performers
Outdoor fire sculptures and stage performances

Installation at the de Young Museum 2009
More than 7,000 guests and 6 fire artists and fire performers
Outdoor fire sculptures, fire performances and bronze casting

Installation at the California Academy of Sciences 2010
More than 4,000 guests and 12 fire artists and fire performers
Outdoor fire sculptures, indoor fire performances and Blacksmithing

Oracle World After Party at Yerba Buena Gardens 2011
More than 4,000 guests
Multiple outdoor fire sculptures

Monday Night Football Game at Candlestick Park 2011
More than 70,000 guests
SF 49ner player introduction fire effects

The Quest 2016
More than 300 guests
40 artists, designers, performers, and musicians crafted a multi-day pervasive experience for twelve teams of twelve adventurers.

Viva La Resistance! 2017
More than 600 guests
10 fire performers & 15 fire sculptures and props. 
1 night of theatrical performance

Origin of Love 2018
More than 4000 guests 
15 fire performers & 25 fire sculptures and props. 
4 nights of theatrical performance