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Professional Sculptor: 

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  • Sculptures address concept & form through intriguing kinetic machines & strong material contrasts
  • Exhibited in numerous group & solos shows nationally & internationally, and a retrospective exhibition
  • Works in museums, national and international permanent collections
  • Presented a wide variety of lectures, workshops and classes
  • Received numerous commissions, jury awards, honors and sponsorships
  • Received critical acclaim and numerous press and media coverage


Selected Solo Art Exhibitions

1999     “Machines of Metal & Light” Blasthaus, San Francisco, CA

1998     “Organsmatic & Mechanatomical Works” The Better Weimaraner Gallery, Chicago, IL

1995     “Signs of Life” Art Tech: Holmes Fine Art Gallery, San Jose, CA

1994     “Remains and Artifacts of A Dead Planet” NYSCC, School of Art & Design, Alfred, NY

1991     “From Here to Reality” Garden Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

1990     “In the Beginning” Salathe’ Gallery, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA


Selected Group Art Exhibitions

2012     “Heartworks” The Exploritoritum After Dark, San Francisco, CA

2012     “Viscosity” Float Art Gallery, Oakland, CA

2011     “Relaunch” Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

2010      Installation at the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA

2009     “Illuminated Sculpture” Bedford Gallery, Dean Lesher Center, Walnut Creek, CA

2008      “Molten Metal Opera” Performance installation: de Young Museum, SF, CA

2005     “Carpe Lumen” USF Thatcher Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1999     “RGB: Red, Green, Blue” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), SF,CA

1999     “Faculty Exhibition” The Current Gallery, Berkeley, CA

1998     “The Form of Function” Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

1998     “SOFA: Sculptural Objects Functional Art Exposition” Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

1998     “Trans Cinema Festival” Victoria Theatre, San Francisco, CA

1998     “Civic Arts Faculty Show” Bedford Gallery, Dean Lesher Center, Walnut Creek, CA

1998     “Not in My Lobby, You Don’t!”  Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

1998     “Ferris Opus” International Cast Iron Art Conference, Johnson Atelier, NJ

1998     “Pier Walk maquette exhibit” Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

1997     “SOFA: Sculptural Objects Functional Art Exposition” Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

1997     “Works in Sculpture” Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL

1997     “Global Bodies” ZKM Center for Arts and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany

1997     “8th International Symposium of Electronic Arts” Chicago Art Institute Chicago, IL

1997     “Water Visions” A New Leaf Gallery, Berkeley, CA

1997     “Film Arts Foundation” Installation Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1996     “Ceramics in Northern California” Bedford Gallery, Dean Lesher Regional Center, WC, CA

1996     “SMART: South of Market Art. Rhythm & Technology” San Francisco, CA

1996     “Post Waste: An Imperative for the Near Future” Arts Benicia, Benicia, CA

1996     “Natural Phenomena” Bedford Gallery, Dean Lesher Regional Center, Walnut Creek, CA

1995     “Tech Bash: Artist Bashing Technology” Blasthaus, San Francisco, CA

1995     “Beyond Boundaries” The Ebell Garden Center, Festival at The Lake, Oakland, CA

1993     “15th Annual Outdoor Light Exhibition” NYSCC, School of Art & Design, Alfred, NY

1993     “Studio Access to Glass” West End Gallery, Corning, NY

1992     “Honors Exhibition” Ginori Gallery, Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy

1992     “Designer Showcase” Villa Del Ensueno, Orinda, CA

1992     “WORLDESIGN 92” Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA

1990     “Communication of Form” McConnell Center, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA


Selected Permanent Collections

2012     Corporate collection: Fleenor Paper Company, Alameda CA

2009     The Olsen private collection, Oakland, CA

2006      Laurel District: Designed street furniture, The City of Oakland, CA

2005     The Lyon private collection, Mendocino, CA

1999     Longmont United Hospital Commission, Denver, CO

1998     Burmah Castrol House, Swindon, England, UK

1998     Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago, IL

1996     The City of Walnut Creek, Civic Park, Walnut Creek, CA

1996     Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA

1994     The International Museum of Ceramic Art: School of Art & Design, Alfred, NY

1994     F.W. Olin College of Business, Alfred University, Alfred, NY

1994     Landmark College, Putney VT


Selected Reviews

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